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Not very long ago, Alvin Toffler who is an American writer said, “The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn.” COVID19 caused entrepreneurs to rethink their engagements. One such entrepreneur who has had her company Swift Office Supplies re-strategize, is Jennifer Adal.” When COVID19 hit, all institutions we were making supplies to, closed.” These learning instit...

“Patches of Beauty” The Success of Kenya’s Devolution

When Kenya lost its focus on building an inclusive, common and homogeneous society with a common goal after independence, it landed into the marshy waters of tribal divisions (ethnicity) and a divided nation in all aspects of the social spectrum. Its result is “patches of beauty” dotting the generally beautiful country. Unfortunately, these patches were not evenly distributed with a large chunk of the country left behind in development due to une...

Where is ‘my’ money?

July 15 2019 will remain a memorable day to most Kenyans. In a case of reversed roles, our leaders took to the streets protesting over delayed disbursement of monies to the counties.While Kenyans are used to seeing common mwananchi on the streets; chanting, displaying placards and demonstrating against something they feel is veracious, that particular day of the seventh month was awkwardly different. Alas! governors and senators matched...

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To enhance a pro-active journalism culture that strives to inculcate positive change in society, restore peace and cohesion and mitigate (potential) conflict through the power of media.

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